Originally written as a healing exercise, Beyond the Present is a personal and touching memoir that is sure to connect with those who read it.

"First and foremost you have done a great job capturing your memories and committing them to paper. (This is not an easy feat.) Even though this is a personal narative, you have written it in a way that many will enjoy. Your narrative voice is very familiar and friendly and helps the reader to get involved with your work. It is obvious that you have done your homework and put much thought and preparation into your writing." Manuscript Review Team

eyond the Present is a story of one woman's struggle to redefine herself and her life when her teenage marriage ends after 12 years. She finds herself a single mother to three children at the age of 28. With no prior dating experience and disowned by her religion, she becomes captive to the internet age of chat and online relationships even though it is the very thing that lured her husband to another woman.

Can she regain her self worth and change her life for the better as she enters an unknown world where every turn is another path that could lead to even more pain or to her ultimate goal of happiness.